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Branding Photography in Wiltshire
Professional Headshots Wiltshire
Corporate Headshots in Wiltshire
Food Photography by Matt Curtis Photography in Wiltshire
Product lifestyle photography in Wiltshire

Commercial Photography by Matt Curtis

The term "Commercial Photography" actually isn't particularly descriptive as it encompasses a huge variety of commissions, the only defining requirement is that it is for commercial clients rather than the public.

Having my studio in Chinns Court, I am able and very happy to offer all sorts of solutions for product and packaging photography including lifestyle sets, Headshots and Corporate Portraiture for Profiles, PR and Web Use and with a fully portable studio system, if it's more convenient for me to visit your location we can arrange that as well for example food is generally better shot on location.

I also shoot for a number of regular Corporate and Charity Events and evenings and sports events.

If you would like further information or a commission quote please contact me with details.

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